International Flag Day Calendar

1 July
World Defiance Day

11 October (Americas) / 12 October (Rest of the World)
World Smokers’ Day & Day of Society
Our society consists of smokers and non-smokers, men and women, youth and elderly people, and so on. Not one single group may be excluded or may be seen as friends of the state.

1 December
Day of Rosa Parks
By her ‘bus protest’ on this date in 1955, she fought apartheid laws in the Southern parts of the US successfully!

Planned dates:

Day of Martin Luther King

Day of Che Guevara

Day of John F. Kennedy

Day of John Lennon

Please feel free to add some more dates (halfmast is an option). Use my contact page to do so. Furthermore, you can always set your own national flag day calendar. My ideas are not copyrighted!